Friday, September 16, 2005

Things at home, and Things at home I don't miss at all #5

I've just decided to take advantage of my (currently on hold) 6-day subscription to the Vancouver Sun and get free access to the electronic version. What a racket!

Unfortunately, I basically go there and make a beeline (I almost wrote B-Line -- you can take the boy out of Vancouver, something something something) for the sports section. I am such a rube.

So it is only just now that I have heard about Adrienne Clarkson's announcement that she will create the Clarkson Cup, analogous to Lord Stanley's cup, only for women's hockey. Apparently there was no mention of which league it will be awarded to. This sounds suspiciously like something Puff "Diddy" Daddy might do.

Also, I heard that some kid got kicked out of Rideau Hall for asking, when hearing about our esteemed Governor General, if she was the woman spending all the money or something. Ms. Clarkson then apologized and assigned him an essay on the role of the GG in government. This made me ask myself: if the Governor General handed me more schoolwork to do, would I do it? I don't think I would.

Thing at home I don't miss at all #5: Adrienne Clarkson

As some of you know, lately I've been dangerously close to homesickness. Even the Burns Bog fire almost makes me wish I was there, so I could share in the experience and tell my hypothetical kids about the smell of smoke in the air, all the way in Port Coquitlam. However, my father has shingles, so I guess that's a good thing about not being there.

Vince, stop giving my father shingles.

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vqv said...

Dickolas, I am your father.

Thomas Nguyen said...


GOC said...

The smoke was bad, very unpleasant. It's raining here now. I assume it's still sunny where you are. Bastard.

G said...

Our house at home has a gravel/tar roof. So does the apartment I'm living at now. I think. Shingles look better on roofs though, imo.

joyce said...

The smoke is not really that interesting.