Friday, September 23, 2005

Dickolas steals from Man vs. Clown!: Part 2 of an n part series, where n is large

Anything I say about this article before you read it will only spoil it that little bit more, so just jump right into it: Good Magazine's article

Palming Mark Kingwell

I stole this from Man vs. Clown! as I am wont to do. I highly recommend you pay Mr. Lynn an e-visit right now, because he has something you should all see right now, to get you back into the mood for hockey.

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G said...

Pretty good article.

I'm going to wear my jock strap and cup from now on. Everywhere I go.

Graham said...

You can kind of see Messier's nutsack in that picture. My life has been immeasurably enriched.

Dickolas Wang said...

And it's possible that he's drinking Red Stripe.

Red Stripe! It's beer! HOORAY BEER!

Peter Lynn said...

Of course, "Palming Mark Kingwell" was written by Elan Mastai and not me, just in case it needed saying. And what's more, another old Good Magazine article by Elan, "Preface to Avengers of the Fart Patrol Versus Monkey Squadron", is up at National Lampoon's website right now, and it's a good read.

Dickolas Wang said...

Oops, right, I should have mentioned that.