Monday, January 24, 2005

Thoughts from the jury box

The people vs. The Asbestos Concern - Rocky and Bullwinkle

Exhibit A

Sampyl, from Washington, DC:
"very unique sound"
Extra Credit: Originality.

LAPinc, from Ottawa:
"There is nothing original in this song"

Exhibit B

ekupes, from Denver, Colorado:
"Around 1:55 the vocal progression is icky"

claraengel, from Toronto:
"i really enjoyed... the laid back summery harmonies"

It's times like this I am reminded of the fickle nature of making music. We may as well flip a coin sometimes to determine what works and what doesn't. I tire of this: I hereby quit the band to pursue a life of simple fulfillment as a yak farmer in the mossy hills of Transylvania. Graham, Eric, Jowen: it's been fun, but alas I must roam free. I am reminded of a quote I read third-hand in a Reader's Digest in the bathroom, and cannot remember exactly: "Oh, how he wished he could ride forever with these men, but he knew their paths were only to meet for so long." Goodbye, sweet princes.

Current Music: Feist - Mushaboom