Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Current status

The following are currently on my bad list:
  1. Graham's computer
  2. Bus fare increases
  3. Poker
  4. Hot Crab Xtremers

The following are currently on my good list:
  1. Ron Sexsmith
  2. Anechoic chambers
  3. Minesweeper Flags
  4. Faresavers

I have now completed from my itinerary:
  1. Laptop is fixed
  2. Finished Christmas shopping (obviously)
  3. Re-learned how to play the guitar (well enough for now)
  4. Gotten in touch with approximately 70% of the people I've been meaning to get in touch with
  5. Acquired, and consumed, several Hot & Readys, with Crazy Bread

Richard out.

Current Music: AC Newman - The Slow Wonder


Jowen said...

Please explain to me what is so bad about Hot Crab Xtremers. I found them to be a spicy, crunchy, tasty treat.

Dickolas Wang said...

I object more in theory than in practice, but I object so much that I think it would keep me from ordering it ever.

Mostly, I object to adding crab to a jalapeno popper. Moreover, I object to jalapeno poppers that are NOT just a jalapeno stuffed with cheese.