Saturday, January 22, 2005

Stop the world, Spencer Keys wins election

Once upon a time, the 432 ran an article with a headline that read something like "Spencer Keys Loses Another Election". I thought this was kind of an asshole thing to do... poor guy tries so hard. Well, 432 assholes, you can all bite me (or him) because Spencer Keys has been elected President of the AMS.

I have never actually met Spencer Keys. I doubt I have ever even been in the same room with him, unless you count the time I was walking through the bus loop and he was campaigning for one of his (losing) bids for student office. Yet I feel somehow connected to him. I view him as my counterpart in the (Adam and Jim)<->Vikram relationship. As such, I have heard much about him, to the point that I feel as if I do know him. Mind you, were I ever to meet him, I'd sure I'd freak him out with my knowledge of him and his life while he knew very little about me, excepting the rumours. (You know the ones.)

But in any case, Spencer Keys, enjoy your hero's welcome when you return from your debate tournament (see, I really do know a creepy amount of stuff about him) and before you do take a moment, in private, to let out a whoop, pump your fist, or dance around naked... whatever you so desire. You may have lost a few, but you've caught the biggest fish of all. Congratulations, sweet prince.

Current Music: Ron Sexsmith - Best Friends


Anonymous said...

o u stalker u! lol~ and were u imagining him dancing naked? @.@ omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg be glad i don't know him, else i woudl have to warn him about u! hehe~


Spencer said...

So Richard, we finally meet... of sorts.