Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Holiday completed in 30d

Primary objectives completed:
  • Completed final project
  • Got laptop fixed
  • Christmas shopped
  • Finish a bunch of recordings
  • Re-learned how to play the guitar
  • Got in touch with 70% of people I've been meaning to get in touch with
  • Acquired, and consumed, several Hot & Readys, with Crazy Bread

Secondary objectives completed:

  • Got in touch with 90% of the people I've been meaning to get in touch with
  • Acquired, and consumed, one glass Sleeman Honey Brown Lager
  • Acquired, and consumed, one pint Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale
  • Saw "Ocean's Twelve"
  • Saw "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

Secondary objectives failed:
  • Acquire, and consume, one bottle Blanche du Chambly
  • Finish the last Jones in the Fast Lane song
  • Find a muse, learn to write political, or find some other musical inspiration

Bonus objectives completed:
  • Saw "Napoleon Dynamite" (3000 points)
  • Lost less than $10 total in poker (300 points)
  • Took on Elvis (2000 points)
  • Made this:

    (10000 points)

Promotion to Commander


Anonymous said...

woah~ u made that yourself?? good job~ crossstitching is sooo annoying sometimes... lol~ aka i was never able to finish something XD

Dickolas Wang said...

That's right, I made it all by myself. Maybe I should take up baking next.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich... remember when we went to see The Life Aquatic. And I ate my whole Hot-n-ready, all my breadsticks, and a slice of your hot-n-ready. That was ridiculous. But alas, a successful holiday nonetheless. Next year for christmas, I want a present like Graham's, that says "ABORTION". Please.

Dickolas Wang said...

Oh noes! Well, perhaps I'll start sometime in the summer and it won't be so bad. I gotta be careful, though, or else everyone's gonna be asking me for cross-stitches.

Graham said...

Yeah, 10000 points sounds about right. I'd place it on a par with singlehandedly taking out a Star Destroyer. Or at least a Nebulon B frigate.

Oh, and next time, don't forget to inspect the Elvis platter before attacking it.

Dickolas Wang said...

Shoot, I forgot. I was so concerned with taking out that nav buoy. Oh well, it was probably just carrying spice.