Saturday, February 24, 2007

Which LUG are YOU?

Which LUG are you?

You are Richard, the heart of the LUGs. You are the gregarious one and have been described as a people person, owing to your jolly nature. Due to clumsiness you may lack natural prowess at things like video games, but you make up for it with hours of practice. You're also probably thinking about dinner right now.
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Jowen said...

Which LUG are you?
You are Jowen, the head of the LUGs. Well, sure, whatever.

Steve Kwan said...

I am also (ugh) Richard.

Anonymous said...

I am Wang. I thought I would be Derek, given my passion for video games, joblessness, and indifference to personal hygiene. But I am tipping the scales at a brazen 200 lbs., so, I guess, physically I am more like Rich.


rachel said...

I got Jowen(??).

Regan said...

I'm Victor. surprise surprise