Sunday, February 11, 2007

[Goaltender] makes the save in a style reminiscent of a young [Obscure Retired Goaltender].

Many will know that I was a fan of CKVU's Sports Page while I was a teenager, particularly of Don Taylor, he of the infamous "Anaheim Mighty Dykes" slip.

I can't stress enough how funny he was/is to watch, but I also couldn't hope to remember all of the funny things he says. Fortunately, Wikipedia can.


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Graham said...

You'll be pleased to know that I edited the section on "The Dreaded [obscure player]-[obscure player] Combination" to include our old friends Martin Erat and Vladimir Orszagh in the example.

Peter Lynn said...

Man, that was some funny stuff. Why is it I don't remember Don Taylor's commentary for NHL 2002 being so hilarious? Probably because so much of it depends on inside jokes and local references, I suppose. Still, he's great.