Saturday, February 24, 2007


Three things.

First, my plan to make a trip to San Jose to watch the Sharks and Canucks on March 9 has fallen through because apparently people in San Jose have decided to embrace hockey and the only tickets left are at least $65. Similarly, I'm not going to see the season closer between the Sharks and Canucks.

Second, I pounced on some plane tickets during a big Air Canada sale and so I'm going to be at home for Spring Break for six days. Clear your calendars, Vancouver, I'm coming for you and I'm not fucking around. I'm here and I'm queer!

Third, does anyone who is going to be in the Bay Area on April 30 want to go see Sloan in San Francisco? Does anyone want to come to the Bay Area and go see them with me? Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Ple-e-e-e-ease?

I just noticed that the new Blogger handles your profile differently. It now says that I am located in "Berkeley, CA, I bowled a 43 once". Maybe it's in the Virgin Islands or something.

It's so cliché to make a joke about being gay, only to follow it up with a disclaimer saying you're not gay. I hate that, a lot. Once, just once, I wish I had the balls to say something like that and just leave it hanging in the air. So what if I was? None of your goddamned business! Fuck you for asking!

Fifth, I wish that was my joke, but it isn't.

I really need a haircut.

Current Music: Sloan - All By Ourselves


Anonymous said...

What a gay post that was.

Jowen said...

Don't cut your hair!

bradluen said...

You heard the new Sloan record yet? Is it any good?

Dickolas Wang said...

1) So what if it is? None of your goddamned business! Fuck you for saying!

2) I wanna keep growing it longer, but it needs some upkeep. Just a trim, back and sides, something, I really don't know, I have very poor style.

3) I have it if you want to borrow it. Interested in going?

rachel said...

I'll go see Sloan with you if you pay for my plane ticket down.

In the recent edition of Rolling Stone magazine Never Hear the End of It was ranked 3rd in their "college radio" chart. Sloan has American indie cred... NOW?