Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The joke is that the perceived disloyalty in my peers turns out to be my own

As you likely know I returned to Berkeley on Sunday night. After a delayed flight and a missed door-to-door shuttle, I arrived back in my apartment at about midnight. After a few hours spent unpacking, re-assembling my guitar (thanks to my dad for the ingenious idea of taking it apart and packing the parts separately in my suitcase -- why didn't I do this sooner?), and trying unsuccessfully to sleep, I awoke at 7AM for my 8:00 class. It does not kick ass to be me this summer.

In any case, as I came back I started to wonder why I had barely seen any of my friends from Berkeley online the whole summer. I felt a little bad about that, like maybe nobody loves me or my friends all suck. But then I realized that it's just because I completely forgot to use Skype at all this whole summer.


Current Music: Wilco - I'm A Wheel


The Fed Ex of Funk said...

Can't it be all three?

Steve Kwan said...

For a smart guy, you sure are stupid.