Sunday, December 04, 2005

What's Wang This Week/Note to self/Note to selves

This morning I cooked up some bacon. My whole apartment smells like bacon now, which sounds like something that might have appealed to me two years ago, but no longer. Even my bedroom smells like bacon. I'm gonna have some pork-y dreams tonight.

Actually, it wasn't the morning; it was 1:30 in the afternoon. I slept in, which I am doing a lot lately on account of my working late these last few weeks to get the last (well, the only) of my schoolwork done and handed in. On top of that, I've gone a little overboard with my regained ability to read and I've read the first four Harry Potter books in the last 10 days, most of the reading occurring between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00AM. I've just bought the 5th, and at this rate I won't have anything left to read on the plane home. On the bright side, it's almost 1000 pages, so maybe I will. Even if there's nothing to read, I can still amuse myself with two games of Tetris in preparation for the Christmas season's pwning of all your asses.

Yeah, that's right. Snap.

After upwards of 9 years of good service, and a handful of close calls, my eyebath finally shattered today when I dropped it on the floor. Those of you who have lived with me will recognize this as the small shotglass-looking thing I would always carry to the bathroom in the morning and in the evening. I remember when I went to buy ol' Bathy, I was deciding between a cheap plastic one and a more expensive glass one. Even then, I remember thinking that I couldn't think of a single benefit of buying the glass one instead of the plastic one, and yet I still went ahead and did it... and I'd do it again. Maybe I'll try a plastic one this time, but I'm afraid that it'll have two little edges on the rim where it got snapped off of the plastic mold, like every other plastic thing in the world. Anyway, it was sad.

My flight home is next Monday. I'm looking forward to some rest, some relaxation, and some fucking Japanese food. I have been barely able to find one decent Japanese restaurant in Berkeley, and this will just not do. I ate at one place tonight and it was okay, probably the second-best I've had around here, which isn't saying much. But the chopstick wrapper said that this place had been rated Best Japanese Food in the city, as well as in the whole Bay Area. It wouldn't even be the best Japanese food in the basement of the Village!

Anyone know of any good concerts during the time I'm home? Anyone want to get together soon? Drop me a line, you know how to reach me.

Current Music: The Postal Service - Give Up

PS: Don't forget Jim's birthday
PPS: Look here


G said...

what's an eyebath?

man, some of those letters below are so hard to read, even I can't decipher them.

chibijoyce said...

yeah what is an eyebath?!

and... let's go out for AYCE!! with galen too! hehe~

Thomas Nguyen said...

Man, i need some good concert action too.