Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What do TAs do during office hours?

I for one am blogging, as no one has come. I should have realized 10:00AM is early for graduate students.

At the beginning of this year, one of my students was shocked and probably not a little bit disillusioned to see her probability TA giving a huge wedgie to another graduate student.

This same graduate student (who mysteriously lost a piece of fish in my desk drawer) also was forced recently to do an online orientation in order for the stats grad student association to get funding. He answered C to every question on the final quiz and failed; he passed after going through and changing some of the answers to "Some of the above".

My probability TA last year failed the sexual harassment module of his online ethics course.

Last year my friend was my applied statistics TA, and he occasionally had to adjudicate tests for us. Recently I found out that most of that time he was chatting on MSN with his friends in Greece -- and here I thought he was doing some computer-intensive analysis.

Also, last year during our final exam, afterwards he came up to me and said, I have to tell someone about this: the guy sitting behind you in the test was picking his nose. Like, not just casually picking it; he was really givin' it, you know? (He demonstrated.) And he'd always look around before he'd do it, to make sure no one was looking... but I was. And then he'd eat the results! Later that day, the same TA referred to me as Robin to his Batman, and about a week prior he had explained to us all multiple times that PhD stands for Pretty Huge Dick.

I think I'll check out the daily Bullz-Eye girl.

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vqv said...

Actually, PhD stands for "playa hatin degree"

G said...

PhD students (and profs, for that matter) are people too.

M Rexin said...

Chuck Norris doesnt have to pick his nose. All he has to do is have a single thought about mucus and the power of his brainwave causes them to erupt from his nose.

Anonymous said...

So what sort of TA evaluation marks do you get?


Dickolas Wang said...

Oddly enough, they don't give them back until all the grades are in.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense - especially considering some of the comments I've made on my TA evaluations in the past.

Do you have evaluations from previous semesters?