Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What's Wang This Week

Let's see... I'm listening to something pretty cool, I haven't blogged in a while... the time is ripe for another update.

Alas, if only I had something to write about. I really got nothing. Oh, I almost forgot to get my forms together for my NSERC scholarship. I guess I'll be getting paid late this time. I think graduate school has changed me a bit, in the sense that I'm now far less manic about things when I have to do them at the last minute... now I'm all just, like, "whatever" and crap. Less "whatever" are how I forgot to talk to my grandma for about three weeks and how I almost forgot that the Chinese New Year is tomorrow (er, today). I can also never remember my sister's birthday, which is right around the corner.

Last weekend is best described as a nonstop stream of online Settlers of Catan, sleep, eating, and work. Oh, I took out the garbage somewhere in there. I'm astonished that the Suave Motherfuckers have not only picked up a win, but a blowout win at that. Many of the Math Club dude(ette)s went to Rasputin and then bubble tea, and I feel the need to show you a picture of Thomas' "Footloose-era Kevin Bacon" impression:

Also from their trip to Rasputin comes this picture, of a Russian appetizer platter:

It and the Elvis platter make for an interesting microcosm of the Cold War. Thoughts? Comments?

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Graham said...

Man, what a proxy war that would have made... You get a bunch of impoverished people together in some developing country and have both sides trying to coerce them into eating their respective platters of gluttony.

That's how I want to see the next Cold War fought: The Elvis Platter vs. a Chinese smorgasbord.