Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What's Wang This Week

Man, what am I missing at home these days? In the last three weeks I've missed four birthdays. FOUR!

But what I am most upset about is missing Ms. Schweers' funeral. I'll miss her. She was a very nice lady, always very friendly to me and I'd like to offer condolences to Mike and family. No matter how long it had been since I'd seen or spoken to her, she'd always have a warm welcome and how do you do for me. I always appreciated it and it always made me feel very at home.

I finally borrowed a guitar from a friend, so my skills (and callouses) are not going to erode so badly as they did last semester. It's an old Sunn Mustang, and I fear that I'm starting to really covet it. The last thing I need is another guitar... and to annoy people by offering them money on guitars they have no intentions of selling.

Current Music: Ron Sexsmith - Hard Bargain

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