Friday, February 18, 2005

What's Wang This Week: Jowen style

People actually say "undervolt" in real life, and not just in Apollo 13. There were some other words I found out were actually words this week too, but I forget what they are.

I checked out Trader Joe's for the first time this week, and I bought organic cherry tomatoes and milk. The milk is un-emulsified so the fat actually separates off of the milk when you leave it in the fridge! So, you have to shake it up before you drink it, but even if you don't it still tastes fine. Better than fine, even; it's among the better milks I've ever had. I never expected to have such high-class milk while I was still on a student's budget. I love you, Trader Joe's. Maybe next time I'll get some cold-pressed apple juice, you know, the stuff that oxidizes when you pour it and it turns all brown.

Valentine's Day came and went and to celebrate I ate three zucchinis for dinner. One for each regret... actually, I just made that up, it was only because they were kinda old and I wanted to consume them before they went to mush. Oh, a good friend of mine got engaged; I can't say who it is quite yet because I'm not sure who he's told but rest assured that it's not anyone who's reading this blog. Congratulations to him! I remember being engaged... wait, no I don't. Anyway, I'm sure it's good times.

I'm listening to the Arcade Fire... STILL. I totally intended to listen to some Ron Sexsmith today, but I forgot to pack the CD into my bag before coming down to campus. While that influx of new music was nice while it lasted, I've been too busy to really mix it up much. Maybe I need still more music. Maybe I don't and I just need an enema. Mmm mmm, refreshing.

Exciting news: in a couple weeks Eric will be on tour with his school's jazz choir and they will be passing through the Bay Area (read: San Francisco). I haven't been to San Francisco yet (!) so I figure this is doubly good for me. Somebody remind me to bring my WWJD? and TO!! t-shirts and a camera.

I'm also considering expanding the focus of this blog from "All Jowen, All The Time" to include Thomas. As a first step, here is another picture of Thomas, the Good Humour Man.

Besides that I've been really busy this last week with school and my "research" assistant work. I'm starting to think having two bosses might create... how shall we say... double the work. On a work related note, I tried to sign out a key for the computer lab, and for the $10 deposit they couldn't break my $20, and they wouldn't accept one five, four ones, and four quarters. It reminds me of how when I was younger my friends would alternately not accept change from me and also would dump loads and loads of pennies on me. Bastards, all of them. Maybe if I put it in a Ziploc with my name on it they can just keep it somewhere and give it back to me when I give back the key.

Okay, down to work.

Current Music: The Arcade Fire (still) - Neighbourhood #4 (7 Kettles)


Jowen said...

But...all Jowen all the time!

Thomas said...

Hmmm, next time less gel and more pazazz.

Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone who isn't Asian?


Dickolas Wang said...

I know three quarters of you.

Anonymous said...

Science fact: Ethidium Bromide, a commonly used ingredient in agarose gels, is also a dangerous chemical that can intercalate with your DNA. The lesson? Don't rub Ethidium Bromide on your crotch.

Graham said...

Is it my imagination or does the guy on the poster look a lot like me circa 2002?

Dunning said...

Its your Imagination.

Anonymous said...

You haven't been to San Fran yet? That's kinda sad.