Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What's Wang This Week

I was able to retrieve what files I needed from my laptop on Monday, which was nice. While I was getting the files from my laptop in their repair room, I also backed up all my e-mail onto a CD. So, crisis averted, and all of my precious e-memories are also safe.

The gift - nay, the labour of (platonic) love - has been delivered, with solid results. I took a few risks with my gift selections this year, but all has worked out well. Score one for the Bang.

Today was the first Asbestos Concern session in four months, and a good time was had by all. Look for an album in early spring. I also found out that Eric doesn't know where our blogs are. So, Eric, you can find my blog at

Ron Sexsmith is much cooler than you.

Despite the general good cheer and fun festivities of the last week, I've been feeling pretty ho-hum. A little Lugs reunion, a visit with Mantek, some good video gaming action (and by "action" I mean "bickering-over"), sushi and stories over a bottle of sake works wonders. All signs point to yes.

That is all.

Current Music: Ron Sexsmith - Retriever

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