Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pet Peeve (or, What's Wrong With Wang) #9

(Disclaimer: look, just for the sake of having a little perspective, riots happen, and they happen for stupid reasons, because the people causing them are stupid. Before anyone says anything about Vancouver, just look honestly at any other city of comparable size and think about what would happen there. What would have happened in Boston tonight? Okay, now that that's out of the way, here's something that's so earnest that I'll regret writing it tomorrow.)

You know what really sucks? Hoping beyond hope that people you have no real connection to, and that you know deep down are probably assholes, will come through for you, even when you know they won't. (No, I'm not talking about the Canucks.)

You know what really really sucks? The law of averages. The law of averages dictates that some people must be below-average intelligence. Also really really sucking: systems that amplify the noise and drown the signal.

You know what really hurts? Missing, for five years, a home you love desperately enough to write the disclaimer above.

You know what else hurts? Deep down, one of the biggest reasons I wanted the Canucks to win was just because I knew riots would happen and I want so much to be proud of the city I live in.

You know what really, really, really sucks? I'm glad I'm not there right now.

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Peter Lynn said...

As I said before, you're the only one I feel bad for today. And if the Canucks had won, you'd be the only one I'd feel happy for. I may hate the team, but you are a good dude.