Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A post-Canada Day question

Mike Gillis became the general manager of the Canucks promising big changes and talking about making bold, smart moves.

So far as GM of the Canucks, his most visible changes have been picking up an overweight underachiever off the waiver wire in Kyle Wellwood and picking up a cheap enforcer in Darcy Hordichuk.

He passed over Kyle Beach in the draft in favour of a guy considered to be much more of a team player, but also way smaller. Not exactly bold, but perhaps smart.

He also got shot down on an RFA in David Backes and offered $10M/yr to Mats Sundin, which would make a slightly better than point-per-game 37-year-old player -- who doesn't seem to even be sure about wanting to play at all next year, let alone in Vancouver -- the highest paid player in the league. Bold? Sure. Smart? Um... maybe? Incidentally, Sundin is so blown away by this offer that he has announced that he's just not ready to make a decision on his playing future right now. Perhaps he has to wash his hair.

In addition, he's stocked the front office and coaching staff with inexperience in: Dave Gagner, the father of his former client; Scott Mellanby, who retired in 2007 and spent last season on TV; and Ryan Walter, hired based on his skills as a motivational speaker.

So, my question, and it's one that I may have to eat if all does really work out: is this really an improvement over Dave Nonis?


Graham said...

And now that Naslund is gone, it's even harder to work out precisely what Gillis' master plan is. I'm not entirely opposed to parting ways with Naslund, but until we see how those 25 goals will be replaced, your question is a good one.

Dickolas Wang said...

Oh, another of his bold moves was not trading away his draft pick due to a lack of trading partners.

I have this image of Gillis getting a little worked up in his office, jacket off, pit stains, hair all ruffled, saying "This is really hard!" Similar to Buster taking over the Bluth family business.