Monday, July 02, 2007

Théa's guest post: Vulgar conversations with Dick

Features Week continues with a guest post from Théa.

note: I was hesitant to post this, until I asked myself WWPP (What Would Peter Post)? He would probably kick it up a notch, and maybe include a photo. I'm not as bold as he is, and I don't own a camera, so I'm posting with a warning: This post is vulgar.

I'm lucky to have a friend like Dick (aka Richard). Not only is he a great-looking, intelligent guy, but who else would have provided me with a more concise way to describe my bowel movements? I'm talking about the bristol stool chart, which assigns a numerical value to different types of stool, and which Dick brought to my attention last month.

Dick also informed me that coffee is a laxative (despite having consumed massive amounts of coffee since I was 12, I never knew this, although I think when you drink a lot of coffee on a regular basis, your body gets used to it and the effects wear off).

So without a friend like Dick, I wouldn't be able to have conversations like this:

Thea says:
normally I would be wondering why I just had a 6, but thanks to you, I know it's because I went to Solly's and had 4 cups of coffee, after a week of no coffee.

D to the W says:
aren't you glad

D to the W says:
we learned something today

Thea says:
and my pants fit better

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Peter Lynn said...

Didn't I talk about NHL divisional realignment in my own guest post? All the same, scatology does seem to be what I do, so perhaps your WWPP bracelet didn't steer you awry.