Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I take pleasure in your discomfort

Those of you who know me know that I really miss my nephew. I certainly wasn't happy to see him go back to France, and I keep pictures of him around at almost all times. The thing about the pictures though is that they only ever capture him in moments of relative happiness. They're always pictures of someone holding him while the whole family is out on a trip, say, or of him playing with a toy or with a grandparent. There were never pictures of the other times.

In particular, I think my favourite thing was watching him get dressed, because he hated that and would start crying and kicking. Also, I really liked to get in his face, because then he'd look away, and then I'd move back in front of his face, and he'd look away again, and so on and so on until he started crying. I also enjoyed hearing him crying while he was in his crib, which he'd always do until he ran out of energy, then he'd start with the weird constipated sounds until he fell asleep.

Now that I think about it, I enjoyed it when he wasn't enjoying it. I'm a bad uncle.

Current Music: Sloan - Everybody Wants You

Addendum (10:35AM, Oct. 25, 2006): He also used to try and chew on his teether toys, but being under 6 months old, if he was holding them the wrong way they wouldn't be oriented correctly to go into his mouth, and he couldn't turn them around in his hand, so instead he would just shake the whole thing and then try again, hoping that it had shaken into the correct orientation. Most of the time, it wouldn't, and he'd cry. Good times. Now he can just turn them around, so those days are gone forever.


Jowen said...

Teach him swear words and buy him porn.

Peter Lynn said...

As a confirmed Bad Uncle of many years (exactly how many, I'm not sure, which is part of the problem), I welcome you to the club.

Steve Kwan said...

I hope that 20 years from now, he finds this blog and realizes that you are the biggest asshole on Earth.