Saturday, April 16, 2005

What's Wang This Week

I'm noticing that I've been unwittingly doing my Jowen impression a whole lot lately on this blog. This is not good. I can't do Jowen better than Jowen, so this blog is doomed to be nothing but a second-rate version of Jowen's blog, only about a less interesting person. I need to break out of this funk somehow. Thoughts? Comments?

Check it out, I figured out how to set the bookmark icon for this page. Now those of you using Firefox will see a little picture beside the URL, and those of you using IE will maybe see it in 2008 when the next version of Windows come out. That makes me happy.

I've added Garfield to my list of daily comics to read. There's really not much to Garfield; I'm waiting for some kind of week-long story arc to document Garfield's pursuit of the perfect lasagna or something, but I think I'm just going to have to settle for the week of comics involving Garfield burping to indicate that he had already eaten something. I've only recently noticed that a very large portion of their comics take place with Jon and Garfield sitting behind a table. It's like watching a puppet show.

I finally made a trip to San Francisco yesterday. I saw SBC Park and the sea lions barking just off the pier. I considered throwing them some food, but the crab cake I was eating cost $5 and I wasn't going to give that up. I'd post a picture, but I still have no camera. Speaking of pictures I'd post if I had them, I gave my lecture in stat 205B on Thursday and it went pretty well. The best part was at the end, where I took off my jacket to reveal my WWJD? shirt. At the end of the lecture I had 2 minutes left, so I said, "It's times like this that I like to ask myself, 'What would Jowen do?' And the answer is, invariably, end class early." My prof said that Jowen kind of looked like he had just broken out of prison.

I should mention that the J stands for Jowen, not Jesus. Then again, anyone reading this would already know that. Never mind.

And now, from the world of pictures that I can show you, here is my friend Victor getting the ol' plate-of-shaving-cream treatment from my friend David and me after his student seminar.

Ah, the life of a graduate student.

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Jowen said...

Your adoration of me is becoming creepy.

Dickolas Wang said...

It's not all about you, you know.

Anonymous said...

Props to Maddox for:

-Stevie K

Anonymous said...

Maddox is overrated garbage. I hope a bus hits him.

- Edward