Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What's Wang this Week: Spring break edition

You know that feeling you get when you have stuff to do but you're so relieved at having most of it done that you can't get motivated to do any more, and instead you sit on your hands doing nothing? I like that feeling.

Good news: I have activated my old undergrad CS account, and I might still be able to recover my old school files. That means I can go through my old code and re-learn how to program in C++, or at least compile BrowserTron 2002b. Bad news: my computer in Berkeley isn't responding. I fear there was a power outage, taking my beloved compy offline. I sure hope it isn't anything serious, I don't feel like putting together a new computer and losing all of my beloved music and documents.

I might be getting an office for the summer at UBC. Even cooler, I might get a cool title like "Visiting Scholar" or "Visiting Graduate Student". I'm moving on up in the world, I tells you. Not that the office or the cool title will keep me from spending hours at a time in the Math Club, but the point is that it should, and that's good enough for me.

I went to SFU on Monday and went to an English class with Brianne. Man, it took me back. It makes me think about the big decisions I've made: going into not English; going to not SFU. I wonder what my life would be like, going to SFU every day and reading books. Maybe I would still know how to read.

Here is a picture of half of an Elvis platter:

To summarize my second encounter with the Elvis platter:
  • Elvis platter: good
  • Surly guy at Memphis Blues: bad. Jerk.

The stern talking-to the guy gave us made the meat taste worse (but not much worse). As Balin said, though, "Well, he even put his hand on my shoulder. But I still don't care." I need a bit of that kind of "meh" in me, I think.

Since I am not coherent, I shall sign off with a picture of Adam and me romantically sharing a dessert.

Current Music: Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power


Dunning said...

"going into not engish; going to not SFU" ouch man ouch....

Graham said...

Fortunately, we have a resident Engish major to point these things out.

Oh, and he was joking anyway.

M Rexin said...

You get a you bitch for not informing us that you were on campus when we so clearly needed another person for our plan to form a political party at SFU dedicated to cleaning up the rank smell of the washrooms.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys.


Dickolas Wang said...

I did tell Potsie, but I had a dentist's appointment. What's a guy to do?