Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring Break: Recap

The good

Too much to list. Best time I've had in a long time. Notable stuff includes:
  • getting a direct flight home, circumventing the need to stop over in Calgary
  • finally going to SFU and playing arts student
  • the opening of a new Flying Wedge in Coquitlam
  • winning a net $2 in poker
  • skipping the Suave Mofos to a victory in their season closer
  • free probiotic yogurt at Commercial Drive station, out of the back of a Volkswagen with Quebec plates
  • a second, and much better, Elvis platter
  • playing Settlers of Catan in real life, face-to-face with the real people I've played online for months now
  • A&W in the SUB
  • wearing a WWJD? shirt in public
  • finalizing work plans for the summer
  • eating, at a single Math Club barbecue, two hot dogs, a burger, and numerous cans of pop, all for free
  • the hottt waitress at Soho CafĂ©
  • hitting up Virgin Megastore for the first time in ages

The bad

  • The surly owner of Memphis Blues
  • the urge to go back there the day after, regardless of how offended I was
  • the lack of a sweet onion burger at Red Robin
  • folding on 10-2, off-suit
  • the Metro
  • not having steak and eggs with Steve
  • not participating in SFU student politics
  • freaky hot-tempered foosball players
  • general lack of LUGs (except Jowen)
  • having to get back to work

The ugly

  • Cheese sushi. American cheese + Japanese idea = 100% Korean

Current Music: Chris Isaak - Wicked Games


Jowen said...

Where in Coquitlam is the new Flying Wedge?

Dickolas Wang said...

In that plaza with the Chapters and the Starbucks and the A&W. You can't miss it, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

what's a flying wedge?

GOC said...

"American cheese + Japanese idea = 100% Korean"


Anonymous said...

flying wedge + Google = flyingwedge.com

Dickolas Wang said...

Who are you?