Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conan the Barbedwitian

It's a real shame that apparently people aren't watching Conan on the Tonight Show. I for one like him there a lot. Just think: when someone says the name Conan to you, do you think of Conan O'Brien or Conan the Barbarian? I'm guessing you probably think of Conan O'Brien. That alone is a feat! That's like someone named He-Man Smith becoming the preeminent He-Man in our culture!

Anyway, it's also a shame that apparently none of my friends watch The Simpsons anymore either. Because of that, many of you will have missed this little pearl from Conan, writer for the Simpsons from 1991-1993, right at the end of their 20th Anniversary Special:

[If] you had to write the... the ending of the Simpsons, how would it end?

Marge is gonna take a good hard look at Homer, and say he's so stupid, and he's... screwed us over so many times.

It'd be humourless, it won't be funny, it'll just be her looking at Homer and saying, "You are such a stupid sonofabitch. I... you're endangering my children, you've destroyed the town six hundred thousand times, you're... you... you're a threat to mankind. I'm leaving you. I'm leaving you forever."

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