Friday, November 20, 2009

The creative process

decide that it's been too long, and set down to write a song

after an hour of being too lazy to open a text editor to brainstorm, decide to record an old song that I'd never actually recorded

realize that not only had it never been recorded, it had never actually been played anywhere outside of my mind, so set down to play the song

after futzing around with the bass part, realize that I don't have the lyrics memorized and set out to write them down

open that text editor

after remembering a grand total of two lines, start rifling through old backed-up files from my old Linux partition in search of the lyrics

continue rifling through old backed-up files, this time from my old Windows partition. They've got to be here somewhere

try using Spotlight to find it by typing in the few lyrics I remember. Find a link which once pointed to the file, but now points to nothing

time for Conan

set it down for tomorrow and pat myself on the back for a productive and creative evening

Current Music: something that is not my song

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