Monday, December 01, 2008

What's old is new again

Happy 4th birthday, blog. I still love you.

While I have neglected this space, I assure you it's not because I'm all of a sudden less of a blowhard, but because I've been really busy with being a TA and other work. It's not so easy to write posts when half of the interesting stuff that you do is off limits because it's about students.

Also, when the other half involves either getting Guitar Hero: World Tour, improving at the drums in Guitar Hero: World Tour, breaking the kick pedal on Guitar Hero: World Tour, replacing the whole Guitar Hero: World Tour package, or awaiting the imminent collapse of the replacement Guitar Hero: World Tour kick pedal, there's bound to be a whole lot of repetition, and I decided to just skip that.

As a token of appreciation to my blog though I have decided to finally join the atom age and pick a "new" template that has the "new" Blogger features, including a much improved Archives system. I say "new" both because this stuff all got introduced, like, three years ago, and also because I've basically just gotten lazy and went back to the original aesthetic design. So it's a blend of old and new, and the new isn't that new, and that's the way I like it.

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