Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Wang Watches

The Daily Show, in Berkeley:

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Over the years I've been known to get excited any time I see Vancouver on TV or the movies, in places like: Smallville; Hockey Night in Canada; X-Men 3; and most notably Juno, which gets extra points for including lots of scenes in Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam. This is the very first time I remember getting really excited about seeing Berkeley on TV.

Bonus! In conversation with Dickolas (Random quotes from my past, provided with some context)

[walking by the Army recruiting booth outside the basketball game] So this is the Army's recruiting effort: a Hummer painted with Army logos, a single inflatable free-throw game, and a covered tent? That's like something Pepsi would use... and it's not as good as what Pepsi would have.

Well, it's an inferior product.

Vampire Weekend, on SNL:

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I'm sure there's all kinds of Vampire Weekend backlash ("more like Vampire Asshole"1) but hey, I only just found out who they are -- I think I've heard "A-Punk" on the radio but didn't know who it was -- and I love this shit so far. It really appeals to my inner XTC fan, as well as my inner part-that-wants-to-like-the-Police. My first instinct, actually, was that it sounds a bit like what I remember of the bits of Paul Simon's Graceland-era concerts they show on PBS pledge drives. It made me want to check out Graceland-era Paul Simon, but I clicked on one link on YouTube and didn't have the patience to get through the whole thing. I'll keep trying.

Aw heck, more Vampire Weekend on SNL:

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Hawksley Workman's new single:

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Note to self: buy Hawksley Workman's new album over Spring Break.

Hawksley Workman's old single, featuring an Oscar-winning actress:

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A sporting massacre:

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I fully expect the Americans to say I'm an idiot, but the Canadians will appreciate.

Current Music: Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof

1. also, Vampire Weaksauce
2. Link who?


Rachel said...

WOW, that is brutal.

As for watching films and tv shows that were filmed in Vancouver, I really enjoyed watching Battlestar Galactica while in Glasgow.

You know, when I saw Juno it looked a lot like Van but there's a highway scene where the fields on the side of the road are covered in snow and that convinced me that it was filmed elsewhere. Guess I was wrong.

Dunning said...

You know. That was the first time i heard Vampire Weekend. I guess i was a little sheepish to check them out cause something about the name screamed fallout boy. But i actually didnt mind that.

Also the new Hawksley Workman cd is really good, so you should buy it. Im seeing him on wednesday. And Jason Collett saturday, his new album aint to shabby either.