Saturday, August 11, 2007

Facebook and Tetris: together at last

I've been busy at home with family and friend stuff and so have been neglecting my blog to the point that when I type in "dickolaswang" into my browser, it no longer autocompletes the URL. It's a shame because I feel like there have been all kinds of potent quotables in the four weeks I've been home which I would love to share. I'll just hope they'll eventually come to me when I have a minute and they'll all get their moment in the sun that way.

Another thing that's going to be an impediment to updating the blog is the fact that there is now a credible Tetris application in Facebook. Having completed two games, I'm now ranked 450 out of 50720 players on Facebook, which I'm pretty happy with, but my high score also reinforces the fact that I'll never be a truly great Tetris player as my high score is about 7% of the 2nd place score (which is 6000000), and the top score is over 18000000. This makes me a little sad, but on the other hand, no it doesn't.

It does make me sad that I can't beat the douchebaggery out of the top score holder with my Tetris skills, though. Listen to his commentary on his high score; I wanna clock the guy.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus christ... that guy is worse than all the dudes playing WoW around me in this internet cafe. I can tell by the empty cans of redbull that they've been here at least 12 hours, but that dude still tops it.